The World's Best BB, With Truly Enhanced Biodegradability

Welcome to HighPowerAirsoft We Make the Worlds Best Enhanced Bio BB


High Power Airsoft and its distributors believe in what we do and have been developing, producing, and selling enhanced biodegradable ammunition for over 15 years.  The High Power Airsoft enhanced biodegradable BB’s are manufactured to conform to the biodegradable process approved by the USA Department Of Natural Resources, WA. Our BB’s were developed to meet the ever more demanding environmental specification of Military and Law Enforcement Training (MILE-T) and at the same time reduce the costs of their annual training cycles. High Power Airsoft has produced the first truly enhanced biodegradable bb that’s backed by a U.S. laboratory.  Our stringent quality control process combined with our proprietary ingredients enable the production of the world’s best non-marking ammo.